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Our role in the parish

If you look at the CDALC website (http://www.cdalc.info/pages/ParishDetails.aspx?AreaId=20UB004), you will find that the only item listed under 'Services Provided' is 'allotments'.  Officially, this may be the case: KPPC has the responsibility of administering the allotments to the rear of Woodland Terrace, but this is just a part of what we currently do. 
As with parish councils generally, KPPC acts as a 'sounding board' for local opinion and views on items such as planning applications, but in addition, most members have specific outside interests and concerns to do with the parish.  These include the parish's footpaths: a working group on the council walks these annually and reports any serious concerns about access and safety. 
Members of the council are involved with a number of local bodies such as Nettlesworth Primary School (see http://www.nettlesworth.durham.sch.uk/ ), the community centre where the council meets (see http://www.pkcommunityassociation.co.uk/ ) and Kimblesworth Parish Church (see  http://kimblesworth.durhamnorthteam.org/)
A number of recent local projects have been supported practically by council members and also financially by the council.  These include Nettlesworth Youthie (see https://www.facebook.com/NettlesworthYouthie ) and a community cafe (see www.nettlesworthcafe.co.uk).  In conjunction with these, some of our members are currently in the process (November, 2014) of setting up a local Foodbank outlet and branch of Prince Bishop's Community Bank.
We also provide a quarterly newsletter to our parishioners (see sidebar to the left of the page).

Blocked Footpath at Mill Lane, 2013 reported by two of our members and unblocked subsequently, but found still to be dangerous.  Our work continues. ...